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WD Certified is a Texas Education Agency approved Industry Certification for school accountability. The exam is included with your IE Class subscription! Teachers are encouraged to provide their students with the opportunity become web design certified by taking certification exam offered through WD Certified. The certification exam is intended to recognize students with the highest level of knowledge of the content presented in the IE Class curriculum and likely to be successful in an entry level web design position. Students should review the Study Topics page and the Practice Questions both of which can be downloaded from the links at the top of this page.

The certification exam fee is included with the subscription costs so there are no additional fees in offering the exam. Even if students do not pass the exam, it is a good experience for them to see what areas they need to improve on, and students may have the opportunity to retest at the teacher's discretion after a 30 day waiting period.

The exam consists of 100 questions randomly selected from the following categories in the indicated proportions. Students must score an 80% on the exam to receive a certificate.

Basic Internet History & Computer Knowledge 10%
Web Graphics Concepts 10%
HTML 5 & CSS 3 50%
JavaScript & PHP/MySQL 25%
Website Administration 5%

Preparing for the Exam

To be successful on the certification exam, students should thoroughly study the online lessons, as well as the content introduced in the hands-on labs. Not all the information introduced in the lessons is included on the hands-on labs and worksheets. It would also be helpful for students to study additional content related to the content presented in IE Class as well which will help them develop a deeper understanding of the concepts introduced. A practice test can be downloaded below for students to take in order to get an idea as to the types of questions asked on the certification exam.

Download Practice Exam

Approval Process for Administrating the Exam

The Web Design Certification Exam may only be given in an educational institutional setting and proctored by a certified educator. Potential proctors must have a completed Proctor Agreement form on file before they may be authorized to administer the certification exam. An original Proctor Agreement Form with original signatures must be received by IE Class prior to being authorized to administer any Web Design Certified exam.

The Exam Process

Request the Authorization Code
About two to three weeks before the certification exam, teachers should email IE Class let us know the number of students you will be testing, and request an authorization code to administer the exam. We will verify that we have a signed Proctor Agreement on file and that you have not proctored the exam within the past 30 days. We will then generate an authorization code which will allow you to administer and proctor the certification exam for your students.
Register Your Class
Once you receive your Authorization Code, you should go to www.wdcertified.com and under the Teachers category, click on Register. You should enter your authorization code, and then you will be asked to enter your school information. Next you will be given a Class Code. The class code is what your students will use to log in to take the test. Finally, you should click the Start Testing button to allow your students to begin the certification exam.
Proctor the Exam
When your students are ready to take the exam, give them the Class Code that you were provided when you registered your class. It is advised that you write this on the board in your classroom, or post it where students can see it. They will also be asked to enter their first and last name as they would like it printed on their certificate should they pass.
Finalize the Exam
When all your students have completed their exam you should log back into the system under the Teacher login using your Authorization Code and Class Code. To submit your student's scores, click the Stop Testing & Finalize Exam. Once you click this button you will close testing and no other students will be able to log in to take the exam. You will also be shown the scores that each of your student's made on the exam. Students with a score of 80% or higher will receive a certificate verifying the have successfully passed the certification exam. The certificates will include a verification number that potential employers can enter on the certification web site to verify the student's certification.